National Federation of
UNESCO Clubs Czech Republic

About us:

National Federation of UNESCO Clubs Czech Republic is a non-governmental organisation, it gathers all UNESCO Clubs in the Czech Republic. Our members are mainly young people in the age of 12 - 26. Our main field of activities is youth exchanges, sustainable development, nature, human rights and protection of historical and cultural heritage UNESCO.

Our Activities:

1. Youth Exchanges

Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Great Britain, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden

2. Expeditions

Our expedition has always a different name according to the place which we want to reach. The aim of these expeditions is to learn the young people about culture, environment, different mentality of people in the foreign country. There are always 45 people going on the bus. We take 5 university professors, 15 university students (mainly the "future teachers" - students of the Pedagogical Faculty), 10 high school students and 15 primary school pupils.

Each university student must prepare few words about the culture, environment etc. of that foreign country and tells it the other younger students. The professors watch them and control their mistakes. Thus the university students prepare for their future occupation, the younger children learn something new about the foreign country. They also prepare ecological games for younger students and play it in the nature.

3. Youth In Action Programme

Youth in Action is an EU youth programme. With the help of Youth in Action we are successful at gaining financial help from the EU for our international youth exchange projects (youth from 13 - 26 years of age) and co-operation projects (mainly contact making seminars).

4. Our latest projects - Youth Between (Denmark) - 2009

In June 2009 members of one of our UNESCO Clubs - UNESCO Club by the Primary School of Saint Vorsila in Olomouc - took part in an international youth exchange "Youth Between" under the EU programme Youth in Action. This exchange was organised by a Danish organisation Jammerbugt Ungdomsskole, Pandrup Skole and gathered more than 50 young people from Denmark, Romania, Italy, Spain and Czech Republic for a 8 days long exchange with focus on intercultural learning and communication. The exchange took place in Pandrup, Municipality of Jammerbugt, Denmark and involved also the local society actively. The main aim of the project were to strengthen young people's intercultural understanding, to strengthen young people's ability to communicate in an intercultural environment and to strengthen young people's European citizenship and build life long lasting friendships across Europe. The kids spent 8 wonderful days in a beautiful environment of Pandrup and its surrounding. The program kept a balance between informal and non-formal learning processes and covered both educational and leisure time activities, from interesting workshops on Europeanship to day trips to Farup Sommerland. The participants stayed in host families of the Danish participants which gave them a unique possibility to learn about foreign cultures even more.

Youth Exchanges

Contact seminars organized for youth workers from various organisations all over Europe

Contact seminars organized for youth workers from various organisations all over Europe